Vat Calculator

The online VAT Calculator is provided free of charge, the aim of it is to make VAT calculation quick, and easy.


Results when adding vat

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How to use the VAT Calculator

Simply enter the amount you need to calculate with, and then choose one of the 2 options available: Add VAT or Remove VAT.

Depending upon which of the 2 options you choose from, you will either calculate the gross total including VAT, or the Net total excluding VAT from a Gross figure.

VAT can often be confusing, if you’re on the go the last thing you may remember is the formula for calculating VAT.

The current standard VAT rate is 20%

The standard VAT rate increased to 20% on 4 January 2011, previous to then it was 17.5%.

You don’t have to pay VAT on everything; for example, postage stamps, monetary and property exchanges are all exempt.

The VAT rate businesses charge relies depends upon what goods and services they provide.